Iceland Is Best


Max Newsom




Judd Nelson, Kristin Sophusdottir


About the project

Written and directed by Newsom, ‚Iceland Is Best,‘ stars Judd Nelson (The Breakfast Club), Kristin Sophusdottir, Tom Maden (13 Reasons Why), Atli Óskar Fjalarsson (Jitters), Alfrun Laufeyjardottir (Case), Mikael Kaaber (Metalhead), and Helena Mattsson (Seven Psychopaths).

ICELAND IS BEST tells the story of Sigga, a 17 year-old girl trying to leave home in Iceland, and make her way to California.


The music was performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and recorded in the pristine Air Edel Studio. To capture the more intimate vibes of the music a string quartet was recorded directly to analog tape.

During the scoring process Walter had the pleasure of working with the fantastic Icelandic artists/singers Frida Sundemo and Jófríður Ákadóttir

Some impressions